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The Law firm Amparo Alevante specialized in the US Immigration Law and Criminal Law with more than 45 years of practice experience in the US and Latin America.
Our offices is located in Albuquerque New Mexico. The chief attorney Mr Santiago Juarez practice criminal and immigration law nation wide the United States and Latin America. Our Attorneys have extensive experience with removal (deportation) proceedings, criminal immigration, asylum immigration, NACARA based immigration, US visas, and many more immigration and criminal related matters.

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We believe in transparency for our clients throughout the legal escort. From the first stage of the counseling session, we will not hide anything from you. Transparency is of the utmost value to us and is our best name in the world.

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Our chief attorney does not just have 45+ years of experience in immigration but also has experience Federal, Criminal, and Civil cases as well. Our lawyers are not afraid to create legal precedents by believing in the legal system's power in our country.

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Our office contains self-emigrating employees who have gone through the process that our clients are going through. We see with sensitivity every person who comes into our office, our customers are a family to us and not another person seeking service. We love our clients!

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Mayra Serrano

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    Marcela Tellez Giron

    "Arból de la esperanza, mantente firme " Frida Kahlo
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    Carlos Tellez Giron

    Every single immigrant we have, undocumented or documented, is a future American. That's just the truth of it. Junot Diaz
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    Santiago E. Juarez

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